Why do poker rooms and gambling sites get blacklisted?

For a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is because they have refused to pay out an advertised bonus, sometimes it is because they have been found guilty of rigging their software or using malware, sometimes it is because they have used spam or shock tactics to promote their site, sometimes it is because they have sold their user's email addresses to a spam email company. For poker rooms, use of "poker bots" instead of real players, insufficient action to deter player collusion, and dealing "action flops" designed to increase pot size are the main reasons for blacklisting. Different gambling portals / advice sites have different reasons for blacklisting gambling sites. There is no hard and fast rule, and sometimes the reason might be relatively minor, but if you are thinking of playing at a site run by one of the operators listed on the blacklist below you should endeavour to find out more the site before you deposit any money. At some point it has been on one of the major gambling portal sites' blacklist, for one reason or another. Rather than constantly attempt to list dodgy casinos or websites onto a blacklist, it is far easier to establish a "whitelist" of trusted and respected casinos / gambling sites. This is because casinos or websites on a blacklist are likely to disappear and then reappear with a different name. Often one gambling operator has literally hundreds of casinos / sportsbooks / poker rooms, and it is impossible to produce a list of each and every actual site. To constantly persue all the different rip-off merchants as they change from front to front would be a full time job, so the blacklist provided here is a guide to the operators and software providers you shouldn't trust, rather than the individual sites. Do your research and find out who is actually running the site you intend to play at, then check them against this blacklist. If you don't want to take chances, the advice is to play at a site only if it features on a recognised "whitelist" of trusted sites.

What sites are currenty on the blacklist?

This is a summary of all the blacklists at major gambling portal / watchdog / advice sites, and inclusion on this list does not mean the casino is definitely crooked - however if you're thinking of playing at one of these sites you should seek more information about the site before depositing money:

Gambling Site Blacklist:

2 Wager Sports

Bring Me Luck

COA World Entertainment

Casino bar

Casinova Software group

Cyberbookie casinos

Elka system / Oyster gaming

ESB / Telebet

Gambling Federation

Giant Vegas

Golden Palace

Gi Gaming

Light Speed sports book

Lucky Pyramid Casino (Crystal Palace Group)

MGM Gaming Systems casinos

Net gaming

Players Bet sportsbook

Pokertropolis poker rooms

Pyramind sportsbooks / casinos

Rakefree poker room

Start Your Own Casino casino group

Trump Casino Group

Vegas Strip casino group

Virtual Casino Group

World Wager sports books

Is there a gambling sites "whitelist"?

You are advised only to play at the sites listed in the "trusted sites", unless you have a personal recommendation for another site from somebody you know and trust. The sites in the "trusted sites" section are as close as you can get to a gambling "whitelist" of sites who have demonstrated fairness and security over many years.

Golden Rule Of Poker

Reputable Poker Sites