How To Start A Poker League or Poker Club

If you want to start a poker league at your local casino, contact them and see whether you can hire a private table for a couple of hours after work. If you can bring the casino some regular new clients they should be more than happy to work with you.  The advantage of this approach is that you don't have to provide your own poker table, chips, cards, dealer button and so on.  Alternatively, you can arrange with interested colleagues to share the hosting of your poker nights, so that the venue rotates from one person's house to another's.  By far the easiest way to get a poker league off the ground, however, is to make it an online poker league at one of the major poker rooms.  This way, people are not committed to spending each and every (say) Wednesday night playing poker - they can drop in and play for an hour, or however long they wish.  They can drop in on a game after the kids have gone to bed, for example, or after their favourite TV program has finished!  Experience has shown that online poker leagues are far easier to get off the ground than live poker clubs - and they become more and more popular as word spreads.  Games are particularly popular if a figure of authority agrees to play, as everyone loves a chance to beat up their boss at a poker table!  Once your online poker league is up and running, you can introduce weekly or monthly competitions, and award trophies to the winners.  With very little effort you can create an informal network of employees all regularly interacting with each other, and this is sure to give any workplace a real buzz, and a real boost to morale.

Start by sending an email to everyone who might be interested, informing them of your plan to start a poker club, and pointing them to the address of your chosen poker room.  Any of the rooms listed at this site will do, though UltimateBet is a particularly good choice because it is such a well known brand name, has an excellent "buddy list" and search function, and will run on any computer (Mac and Linux as well as Windows).  It also allows the creation of private tables, which may come in handy later (most other poker rooms only allow you to create private tables for real money games, not for play money games).  Note that you don't have to create private tables if you don't want to - as long as you can all find a table to sit together at there is no actual need to create private tables. Ask any interested co-workers to reply to your email with their UltimateBet nickname once they have signed up.  When you have enough names to form a poker league, email all interested parties with the full list of nicknames, and tell them to add these usernames to their buddy list.  This will allow everyone to find each other on the site.  Once everybody knows the names of their fellow players, all you need to do is to settle upon a day and a time to play.  You can sit down at any empty table and as other players log on they can use the search function to find which table you are at.  Before you know it you will have a table full of co-workers - in which case you can start a second table, a third table and so on.  UltimateBet allows you to flick between tables at the click of a mouse, so you can always see what's happening at the other tables, and even chat with the players at those other tables.  It's a simple process, it's free, and it can transform your workplace.  Give it a try!

Poker Club E-Book - Everything you need in one free E-Book!

If you would like to send your co-workers a poker club E-Book, which explains everything about poker and what they need to do to join, we have put together a PDF E-Book that covers:

* What a poker club is, and how playing poker can help develop business skills

* How to play poker - a guide for complete beginners, including starting hands, what beats what, betting options etc..

* How to join an online poker room - an easy to follow step by step guide to joining an online poker room, creating a user name, adding friends and co-workers to your buddy list, and finding other players using the search function

* A poker league table to print off and pin up at your workplace

Just download the poker club e-book and email it to your colleagues with a covering note asking who would be interested in joining a poker club.  The easiest way to download the e-book is to RIGHT CLICK this link and select "Save Target As..." to save it to your hard drive.  Then attach it to your covering letter email. Your friends / co-workers just need to follow the instuctions within the E-Book, and return their UltimateBet nicknames to you.  You need to compile a full list of everyone's nicknames then send that list to all the poker club members.  Select a day and a time to play, and that's it - your online Poker Club is up and running! 


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