Poker Glossary - I

ICM ( Independent Chip Model ) :

A method for working out the relative value of chips remaining in a poker tournament. ICM basically uses a formula to judge how the relative value of your chip stack changes as the tournament progresses. If you have 100% of the chips in play then, by definition, you have won the tournament. ICM works backwards from this point - so if you have 50% of the chips in play then you are judged to have a 50% chance of winning the tournament (all other factors being equal) and so on. You don't need to understand ICM in order to do well at tournament poker - however you do need to understand how the relative value of your chips changes in a tournament depending on how many other chips your opponents' have. It is especially important not to allow yourself to be "blinded away" i.e. allow your stack to get too small to hurt opponents. If you have less than 10 big blinds in a tournament it is time to look for a hand to move in with.


A calculation of the pot odds plus the potential extra bets you might win from your opponents if you make the best hand.


Four cards to a straight, where only one rank will complete the hand.

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