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If you are interested in practising your poker without having to connect to the internet then there are several programs available that allow you to play against a computer.  However, most are very basic and you will soon find yourself able to work out how your opponents play.  The only genuinelly powerful and useful programs on the market at the moment are the Wilson Software range of poker games.  These allow you to choose from a wide range of computer opponents to replicate the kind of game you are going to be playing in - a wild aggressive style, for example, or a very tight and passive style.  The software also suggests what move you should make given the cards you have been dealt, your position relative to the other players and so on.  This advice is very good for beginners, particularly when the advice is on which cards to play in the first place.  The advice becomes less reliable in more complicated situations - but if you think you know better than the computer expert "Mike" then you can elect to "Challenge Mike", and prove that you can play the same cards in a more profitable manner.  There is an add-on available called "Sidewinder Sid" which is essentially a program that reviews your play and makes suggestions as to where you could have played better.  This costs extra but may be worth it if you are just starting out.  The programs also let you run simulations over millions of hands so you can see what the most profitable long term strategy is for particular situations. Games available are Turbo Texas Hold Em, 7 Card Stud, Stud 8, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Low and Tournament Hold Em.  These programs are far and away the best on the market, and really will help your game improve if you are just beginning to learn.  

However!  There is a price for this : $59.95 for the Turbo range, and $39.95 for the tournament software.  (Sidewinder Sid add-on is extra). This is by no means cheap, but if you intend to play for real money online the investment could easily repay itself.  If you don't have regular access to the internet then it is certainly worth considering these programs.  If you DO have easy access to the internet, then you may be better advised to join one of the poker rooms listed in the Reputable Poker Sites section which won't cost you a cent. You can play the play money tables for as long as you like to practice your poker skills without any charge whatsoever.  It is also worth bearing in mind that if you follow the links from this site, the deposit bonus at these rooms can be up to 100%.  This means that if you deposit the $60 that the Wilson program would have cost, you can pick up a healthy $60 in free poker chips to go with that $60.  You can learn a great deal by playing online with that $120!  If you just have the discipline to only play strong cards you could reasonably expect to make a significant profit, even as you learn the intricacies of the game.  In short, if you are going to buy some poker practice software, buy the Wilson Software.  But if you don't want to stump up any cash while you're learning, join one of the Reputable Poker Sites and play at the free tables, or make a small deposit and use your bonus money to learn with free money rather than play money.  

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