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POKERROOMCOM is growing in popularity all the time due to some hugely exciting recent promotions. As well as offering the standard sign-up bonus to new players, PokerRoomCom are also currently throwing in a FREE World Poker Tour Qualifier Ticket, a free entry into a beginners-only tournament ("The Shark Cage"), three daily freeroll tournaments and the chance to enter The Online Series Of Poker for free (giving you a chance to win $100,000!). But it isn't just the generous perks that brings the players in. If you're using an operating system other than Windows (i.e. Apple Mac or Linux), then PokerRoomCom is pretty much your only decent option for on-line poker besides the recently revamped no-download option offered by Pacific Poker. Although others suggest their software may run on Macs, if for example you run some "virtual PC" software, PokerRoomCom has been the only place truly trusted by non-Windows users for years. You can run a Java version of their software which requires no download and which runs flawlessly on Macs, Linux and Windows. You will need a Java plug-in to run the software - this is free and you'll be prompted to download it if you need it when you download PokerRoomCom's software. There is also a download version of the software, which is essentially the same thing but with a few extra features. One nice detail is the ability to "code" different players you come up against as "Fish" (weak players) or "Sharks"(strong players). Then the next time you sit down at a table you can quickly see who are the good players and who are the bad players. In general, you'll be tagging more weak players than strong ones - the opposition at PokerRoomCom is loose and fairly passive at all but the highest levels. You can see what percentage of the players see the flop at each table before choosing where to sit down - meaning you can tip-toe into a quiet room or wade into an action frenzy depending on what your mood is like. The software is well designed, and reliable - there are quite a few extra options that need to be played around with before everything is just as you like it, so a good idea is to play a few hands on the play-money tables and work out what all those buttons and options do before playing for any real cash. Customer service is good (24 hour phone and email support) and is bolstered further by the excellent Pokah! forums where you can post questions and comments to your fellow PokerRoomCom players who are usually all too happy to help you out. There's also a shop selling poker merchandise, and a Poker School where you can learn the ropes. This adds up to an impressive overall package - and the result is that PokerRoomCom is one of the fastest growing sites on the whole of the web.


PokerRoomCom Deposit Bonus Offer

GET 20% EXTRA FREE (MAX: $100)

Just deposit at least $25 (or the equivalent in your currency) and get an extra 20% of whatever you deposit free - up to $100 of free cash to play with. Examples: Deposit $50 get $10 free. Deposit $200 get $40 free. Deposit $500 get $100 free.

EXTRA BONUSES : Free World Poker Tour Qualifier Ticket (worth $5.50).  If you win the qualifying tournament you could find yourself competing against the world's best players at a World Poker Tour official event.  If you prove you can live with the big boys by winning that tournament, PokerRoomCom will sign you up as a professional poker player and part of the PokerRoomCom team.  That means a year of flying around the world competing in the largest poker tournaments on the planet - with all your expenses and buy-in fees taken care of!  A prize worth $240,000 - plus whatever you win at the tournaments!  In addition to these bonuses, there is also a free "Shark Cage" Tournament Entry (worth $2), plus a chance to enter the Online Series Of Poker for free via qualifying tournaments. That's a seat at a $100,000 freeroll without risking any money whatsoever!  Throughout the summer there are also daily and weekly freerolls.... it is bonus galore at PokerRoomCom at the moment.

Click HERE to claim this bonus and to pull up at seat at the PokerRoomCom freerolls!


Easy. You need to collect "Player Points". You get one player point for every raked real money hand you are involved with where the rake was greater than $1. The great thing about this is that you do not have to play the hand - you just have to be dealt the cards (i.e. even if you fold, it still counts towards your player points). You clear one dollar of the bonus for every 7 player points you gain. So to get $20 you need to collect 140 player points and so on. You have up to 60 days to collect your points, which should be plenty of time even if you play at very low levels. There are different requirements for the special freeroll and Shark Cage promotions, but no really difficult hoops to jump through - see the PokerRoomCom website for exact terms and conditions.


Download the software for free from pokerroomcom.

Create an account by entering your name and address and choosing a screen name. You can now play on-line for play money. To play for real money, click "Create a real money account" and make a deposit.


visa mastercard

Credit / Debit cards, NETeller, FirePay, Checks, Bank Drafts, 900PAY (Phone Bill method) Wire Transfer. For an explanation of the deposit options click here.

PokerRoomCom Site Info At A Glance


Yes - they have been around since 1999, and have handled countless customer accounts with no reported problems with payouts. Random shuffle independently certified, cash handled over secure server, 24/7 customer support.


Texas Hold Em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi Low, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi Low


Yes Sit And Go, Freeroll, Multi-table and Value-added tournaments.


YES regular re-deposit bonuses offered. Player points can be used towards massive weekly freerolls and one-off special tournaments. PokerRoomCom has established itself has constantly improving its freebies, and it tends to retain players for a long time because of this.



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