Practice Poker - How To Practice Your Poker For Free

All of the poker rooms in the Reputable Poker Sites section will let you practice poker before you play for real money, so that you are sure you know how to play - and win - before you play for real money. There is no substitute for experience when learning how to play poker, and you will gain more insight by playing a few dozen hands than you could possibly hope to gain by reading advice on web-sites or in books - or by purchasing poker practice software. Every day, thousands of players from all across the world play against each other for the sheer fun of it, with no money at stake. There are no limits on the number of hands you can play for free at the Reputable Poker Sites, and no limits on the amount of time you can spend in their practice rooms. You just need to visit the site by clicking on one of the links in the trusted poker sites section, and then download and install the free software. Once you have the software installed, you will prompted to open either a real money or play money account. To open a play account, you will have to give some basic details such as your name and email address, but you will NOT have to give any bank details or make any kind of deposit to practice poker. None of the sites listed here will divulge your details to any third party, or bug you with constant prompts to sign up for real money poker. Once you have a play money account opened, you can just click the poker room icon on your desktop, enter your password, and start playing poker for free. You need to be connected to the internet - so if you have a "pay as you go" internet account then do watch how long you are playing for. Beyond the charge your internet provider makes for your telephone calls, there are no other charges for practice play, and you can switch your account to a real money account whenever you feel ready to.

In poker practice really does make perfect, so take advantage of the opportunity to play against real players and you will soon find yourself growing in confidence - and probably making some new friends along the way. Most rooms will give you a certain amount of "play money" or points to start out with, and you can then try and amass as many points as possible to gauage how well you're playing. Don't worry if you bust out and lose all your points - you can just ask for more, and start out again - hopefully learning from your mistakes.

Poker Practice At Play Money Tables

Once you have downloaded the software and opened a "play money" account, you can also watch the real money tables live to see what kind of techniques the winning players use. Make a note of those who seem to win regularly, and see what kind of hands they tend to play, and how they tend to play them. Many of the sites will let you take notes on a player as you watch, by right clicking on the player's name and then typing in your notes.

In general the play at practice poker tables is very wild, because the players are only risking play money and not real cash. In time you may grow weary of this kind of "any two cards can win" type game. Remember that players with real money accounts receive deposit bonuses of up to 100% - so you can play with FREE money rather than PLAY money if you open a real money account. In addition, real money account holders can enter the countless "freeroll" tournaments that poker rooms run. A freeroll tournament is a multi-table poker tournament that costs *nothing* to enter, but in which you can win cash prizes - ranging from tens of thousands of dollars if you win the whole thing to a few cents if you come in the top, say, one hundred. Some freeroll tournaments offer a non-cash prize - such as the chance to play in The World Series Of Poker or join the World Poker Tour. There are also "value-added" tournaments, in which you buy in for a small amount, and the poker room adds extra cash to the prize pool. For details of the current tournament schedule at any of the Reputable Poker Sites, just download the poker software and click the "tournaments" tag.  This will show you all the tournaments the site is running, and allow you to watch the players who are competing.

The main thing to remember is whether you are playing for a million dollar first prize or just for fun at a practice table, make sure you enjoy it!

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