Save this cheat sheet for reference or print out the printer friendly video poker cheat sheet and keep it next to your computer when you play. To make a decent profit at video poker you really need to play at a site which offers a good sign up bonus, and which allows you to clear that bonus by playing video poker (some sites don't count wagers on video poker when they calculate your bonus). We recommend Labrokes Casino for those in the UK / European Union, as they allow you to play Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild without downloading any software (you can even play on your mobile phone), and for as little as 25p per game. Avoid the "power poker" options when playing for real money - you'll make more cash with the standard games.

Rushmore Casino is a good choice for players elsewhere - again, stick with the standard Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild games unless you are playing just for fun.

Follow the links from this site and you will automatically be eligible for the deposit sign up bonus at each casino (no need to enter any special bonus code). Try the games in "play money" mode to get familiar with the software, and stick strictly to the cheat sheet guidelines - you should find you now have a real edge over the casino. Remember that with a 100% deposit bonus, even a 50% loss on the games becomes a 50% profit for you!


After your spin, elect to keep cards in this order :

Full house.

Four to a Royal Flush

Straight, Flush, or three of a kind

Four to a Straight Flush

Two pair.

High pair.

Three to a Royal Flush

Four to a flush

Low pair

Four to an outside straight.

Two suited high cards.

Three to a straight flush.

Two suited cards over ten.

Two high cards.

One high card.

Discard everything else. If you have more than one in the same spin, keep the highest on this list (e.g. two pair instead of four to a flush).

See how well this strategy works for yourself at Ladbrokes Casino orRushmore Casino


If you're dealt

FOUR deuces :

Hold all cards

THREE deuces:

Hold a royal flush.

Otherwise just hold the deuces

TWO deuces:

Hold any four of a kind

Hold any four to a straight flush

Hold four to a straight flush

Otherwise just hold the deuces

ONE deuce:

Hold any paying hand four of a kind or higher.

Hold four cards to a royal flush

Hold a full house.

Hold four cards to a straight flush

Hold any paying hand.

Hold three cards to a Royal Flush.

If no other combination, just hold the deuce.

NO deuce:

Hold any paying hand.

Sacrifice a low paying hand if it means you can hold four to a Royal Flush.

Hold four cards to a straight flush.

Hold three cards to a Royal Flush.

Hold any pair.

Hold any four cards to a flush.

Hold an up and down straight draw.

Hold three cards to a straight flush.

Hold any two cards above ten if they're the same suit.

If you're dealt less than the above, draw a complete new hand.

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